Looking for efficiency and simplicity
for managing the transit of materials?

  • Mining Operation
  • Bulk Transport

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SigmaScale Lite
is the optimal solution for you!


SigmaScale Lite is a management software designed specifically for weighing and managing the transit of materials. It includes a set of powerful features that simplify your daily operations and allow you to follow all the inputs and outputs of materials of your sites.

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Cumulative at all levels (customer, product, hauler …)
  • Automatic recall of a vehicle’ last transaction information
  • Recording and automatic recall of vehicles’ tare
  • Display of transactions in progress
  • Warning and / or lock when a vehicle is overloaded
  • Compatible with all scales

Moreover, SigmaScale Lite offers several operations analysis tools, a variety of lists and reports as well as several additional modules that make it the optimal solution for your needs!

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