SigmaScale: Weighing and material transit management software

SigmaScale is a software solution specially designed for weighing operations and material transit management. Drawing from our expertise of over 20 years in software design and databases, combined with our deep knowledge of weighing technology, we offer a simple, efficient, and fast computerized management solution that adapts to all industries.

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Seamless Weighing Operations:

SigmaScale offers a set of features that simplify your daily tasks. You can easily input customer orders, track ongoing transactions, calculate various accumulations, manage multiple scales, transfer data to accounting and other related systems. Additionally, you can print various lists and reports for easy on-screen visualization.

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Security and User-Friendly Experience:

With SigmaScale, you can ensure secure access to information based on user or group preferences. The software also provides contextual assistance, allowing you to quickly find answers to your usage questions. It's designed to be user-friendly, enabling operators to quickly familiarize themselves with its features.

Efficient Weighing Software:

SigmaScale's main window is equipped with all necessary tools to quickly generate weighing tickets, reducing waiting times for truck drivers. All transaction-related information is available on screen, making the process smooth and efficient.

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Easy Access to Features:

SigmaScale provides easy access to all its functions through menus and toolbar options. Whether you need to manage transactions, generate reports, or perform other tasks, our Sigmasys software simplifies the process.

Key Features
of SigmaScale

  • Multi-site and multi-company system
  • Managing multiple sales from a single position
  • Management of contracts, customer orders, daily works, transport manifests, sampling, customers, projects, sites and suppliers
  • Automatic data recall and entry assistance
  • Connection to your business systems (ERP, accounting systems and other systems).
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At Sigmasys, we understand that every company has unique needs. That's why we offer a range of optional additional modules to further personalize your software solution. These modules are designed to enhance the features of our weighing software.

Management and Decision-Making

The SigmaAccess administration module provides real-time access to operational results for company management. In addition to facilitating data management, SigmaAccess offers 2 essential management tools:

  • Dashboard:
  • The dashboard provides a synthetic representation of company activities and results through key performance indicators. It offers an overview, alerts management, and aids in implementing corrective actions. A variety of widgets are available for customization. If you have specific needs, we can create custom widgets to meet your requirements.

  • Pivot Table:
  • The pivot table generates a summary of operational results, grouping transaction counts and tonnage. These results are organized by category/sub-category, with filtering options. You can also export data to Excel for more precise analysis. If your needs are specific, we can create a custom pivot table to display information relevant to your operations. Discover our SigmaAccess Module: Your Comprehensive Guide

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Operator-less Weighing Terminal

The SigmaTerm weighing terminal module is designed for operator-less weighing. By adding this module to your weighing system, you can optimize operations during low traffic periods or outside normal operating hours. The SigmaTerm terminal ensures fast and efficient processing of your weighing transactions, contributing to your operational performance. Discover our SigmaTerm Module: Your Comprehensive Guide Download our informative SigmaTerm brochure now.

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Loader Weighing Terminal

The SigmaLoader weighing terminal module is designed to optimize loading operations by displaying a real-time list of loads to be performed by the loader operator. Adding this module ensures fast and efficient processing of your weighing transactions, contributing to improved loading performance. Discover our SigmaLoader Module: Your Comprehensive Guide Download our informative SigmaLoader brochure now.

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Transaction Tracking

SigmaProd, an additional module for SigmaScale, provides real-time tracking of ongoing transactions and required production at an asphalt mixing plant. This informs the dosage system operator of production needs. Additionally, the module indicates which sample to take next, based on criteria established in the main SigmaScale weighing system. Discover our SigmaProd Module: Your Comprehensive Guide Download our informative SigmaProd brochure now.

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Operates in:

Quarry and Sand Pit Operations

Quarry and Sand Pit Operations

Port Installations

Port Installations

Major works & infrastructure

Major works & infrastructure

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Asphalt Mixing Plants

Asphalt Mixing Plants

Contaminated Soil Handling

Contaminated Soil Handling

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Pier-Hugues Gravel - Strategic Director

We selected Sigmasys weighing solutions for our sorting center more than 20 years ago. We have always been very satisfied with the service and the ability to adapt to our demands, but above all to our growth. Today, whether it is our sorting center, our quarries, sand pits or asphalt plant, all our sites are interconnected by Sigmasys solutions.

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Émilie Fournier Rousseau - General Director

Ease, speed, precision are qualities to describe the weighing software, but also the excellent service from the people at Sigmasys. It is a reliable tool that we work with every day. It is easy to learn and use, we have gained speed in our operations and it is precise in the information it provides both to our customers and for our own needs.

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Pier-Hugues Gravel - Directeur Stratégique

Sigmasys is generally easy to use and has a very clear and simple layout. Data is almost always accurate and requires little downtime for updates. I have no problem finding the information I need. We’re growing our data and analytics practice, and Sigmasys is helping me answer business questions, while enabling our team to advance our capabilities.

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