SigmaRecyc: Residual materials transit management software

SigmaRecyc is a management solution specially designed for weighing and monitoring the transit of residual materials. Incorporating a wide range of powerful features, this software aims to simplify your daily operations while ensuring complete monitoring of material inputs and outputs on your sites.

SigmaRecyc :
The Comprehensive Solution for Waste Material Management

SigmaRecyc is a management solution uniquely designed for the weighing and tracking of waste material transit. Incorporating a wide array of powerful features, this software aims to simplify your daily operations while ensuring complete traceability of inputs and outputs of material of your sites.

The benefits of SigmaRecyc are numerous:

  • Multi-site and multi-company system.
  • A simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Management of multi-origins and multi-products on the same loading in reception.
  • Cumulatives at various levels, including customers, contracts, origins, and carriers.
  • Current transactions are easily viewed.
  • An operational dashboard is available (Optional module with SigmaAccess).
  • A pivot table allows you to analyze transactions and tonnages received.
  • It's compatible with all scales.
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Moreover, SigmaRecyc offers a variety of operational analysis tools, an extended range of lists and reports, and various complementary modules, enhancing its relevance to best meet your specific needs.

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SigmaRecyc : A comprehensive Solution for Waste Material Management
Our SigmaRecyc software provides a complete and adaptable solution for waste material management, covering a wide range of sectors and activiti
Sorting Center – Transshipment – Landfill Site – Municipality and Regional County Municipality ( MRC ) – Eco Center – Recycler

Our SigmaRecyc


At Sigmasys, we understand that every business has unique needs. That's why we offer a range of Optional Additional Modules to further customize your software solution. These modules are designed to enrich the features of our weighing software.

Management and Decision Making

The SigmaAccess administration module provides company management with real-time access to all operational results. In addition to making data management easier, SigmaAccess offers two essential management tools:

  • The dashboard:
  • The dashboard provides a concise representation of the company's activities and outcomes through key performance indicators. It offers an overview, alerting the management and facilitating the implementation of corrective actions. A variety of widgets are available to customize your actions. If you have specific needs, we can create custom widgets to meet your requirements.

  • The dynamic pivot table:
  • The dynamic pivot table produces a summary of operational outcomes, grouping the number of transactions and tonnage. These outcomes are organized by category/sub-category, with filtering options. You can also export data to Excel for more detailed analysis. If your needs are specific, we can create a custom pivot table to display the information relevant to your operations.
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Unattended Weighing Terminal

The SigmaTerm SR weighing terminal is a module designed for operator-free weighing. By adding this module to your weighing system, you can optimize operations during low-traffic periods or outside regular business hours. The SigmaTerm terminal ensures swift and efficient processing of your weighing transactions, thereby enhancing the performance of your operations.
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Customer testimonials

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Pier-Hugues Gravel - Strategic Director

We selected Sigmasys weighing solutions for our sorting center more than 20 years ago. We have always been very satisfied with the service and the ability to adapt to our demands, but above all to our growth. Today, whether it is our sorting center, our quarries, sand pits or asphalt plant, all our sites are interconnected by Sigmasys solutions.

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Christian DesAlliers - Residual materials management project manager

This software has truly simplified our operations. It has considerably simplified and accelerated the processing of truck entries and exits, thus reducing the waiting time for our customers and the time needed to validate transactions at the end of the month. These improvements translate into significant time savings for our staff. The management of data related to weighing transactions is now automated, considerably simplifying invoicing. The software’s user-friendly interface is intuitive, facilitating its adoption by our staff, including those who are not familiar with advanced technologies. The technical support provided by the Sigmasys team was exceptional. Their availability to answer our questions and resolve issues reinforced our confidence in this product; Additionally, the flexibility of the software is a major asset, allowing us to create bespoke reports and adjust parameters to suit our requirements. This investment has truly transformed the way we manage our truck weighing, and I highly recommend to any company looking to optimize their efficiency in this area.

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Jean-Bernard Ouellet - Environmental Manager

We are fully satisfied with Sigmasys solutions. Their friendliness and efficiency allow us to collaborate easily. The benefits in terms of operational and administrative efficiency are obvious. In addition, our team is very responsive and gets us answers quickly.
Overall, the system is very interesting to use. We also started exploring pre-programmed features that significantly simplify our work. To summarize, we can confidently say that we are extremely satisfied with this experience.