SigmaTerm SG - Unattended Weighing Terminal for the Agricultural and Agri-food Sector

The SigmaTerm weighing terminal is an additional module specially designed for the agricultural and agri-food sector, enabling operator-less weighing. Integrating this module into your weighing system optimizes your agricultural operations, especially during low-traffic periods or outside regular working hours.

The Benefits
of SigmaTerm SG

  • User-friendly interface:

    Ease of use for all drivers.

  • Input Assistant:

    The terminal guides the driver step by step during the weighing operation.

  • Summary window:

    Allows the driver to verify and correct information before finalization.

  • Configurability:

    Complete adaptation to the specific needs of your operations

  • Multiple scenarios:

    Different weighing scenarios available for incoming and outgoing transactions.

  • Installation flexibility:

    Possibility of installing the terminal directly on the scale or in a nearby cabin, on a standard computer with touch screen or standard.

  • Bilingual:

    Can be used in French and English, with a simple button to switch between the two.

  • Predictive input:

    Possibility of entering information via a touch screen or with a keyboard and mouse.

Optimize Your Agricultural Operations with SigmaTerm SG

The weighing terminal without operator is adapted to the requirements of the agricultural and agri-food sector. It guides the user through the weighing operation through a user-friendly graphical interface. Questions are easy to answer, whether via a touchscreen or a keyboard/mouse. A summary window gives the user the chance to check all information related to the transaction before validation. Fully configurable according to your specific needs, the terminal offers several weighing scenarios, whether for incoming or outgoing products. Its installation can either be directly at the weighing location or in a dedicated space nearby.

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