SigmaGrain : Weighing and Inventory Management Software

SigmaGrain has been designed as dedicated software for weighing operations, inventory management, and grain transit tracking. Leveraging our expertise in software development and database management, coupled with our profound knowledge of weighing systems and management operations, we offer an optimal computerized solution. Our goal is to simplify your processes, increase operational efficiency and profitability, and contribute to the growth of your business.

Your Complete Solution for Weighing Management in the Agricultural Sector

Optimizing Agricultural Weighing Operations:

SigmaGrain provides you with a range of features specially tailored to streamline your daily agricultural activities. Easily record customer orders and transport requests, track weighing transactions in real-time, access various accumulations, efficiently manage multiple scales, and swiftly transfer data to your accounting system or other related systems. Additionally, print a variety of lists and reports for comprehensive and efficient visualization of your operational data.


Security and ease of use :

SigmaGrain ensures optimal protection of your agricultural data by allowing you to define access levels according to each user's preferences or groups. Enjoy its contextual assistance for instant answers to all your questions. Its user-friendliness enables farmers and operators to quickly master all its functions.

Enhance Your Productivity with Efficient Agricultural Weighing Software:

SigmaGrain's main window contains all the necessary tools to issue weighing tickets quickly, minimizing wait times for agricultural vehicles. All key transaction information is visible, ensuring a seamless weighing process in agriculture.


An Ergonomic Solution:

SigmaGrain provides easy access to its functions through ergonomic menus and practical options. Whether you want to manage agricultural transactions, generate reports, or perform other specific tasks, our SigmaGrain software makes these operations easy, allowing you to focus on the core of your agricultural business.

is Designed for:

Agricultural Cooperatives

Agricultural Cooperatives

Grain Elevators

Grain Elevators







Storage Facilities

Storage Facilities

Features of SigmaGrain

Multi-Site and Multi-Operation System:

Manage different agricultural operations from a single dashboard.


Comprehensive Management:

  • Customers, producers, fields, lots.
  • Storage facilities, silos, harvests.
  • Transport orders, contracts, customer orders.
  • Agricultural transporters and supply chains.

Diverse Contracts:

  • Purchase and sales contracts.
  • Storage contracts.
  • Service contracts
  • tailored to the agricultural sector.

Accurate Inventory:

  • Comprehensive or detailed view by producer/client.
  • Specific tracking by storage site and silo.

Yield Optimization:

  • Calculation of estimated and actual yield.
  • Analysis by harvest, production, and field.

Automatic Deductions:

  • Adjustments for moisture and impurities.
  • Calculation of handling
  • related fees.

Drying Management:

  • Automatic calculation of drying fees to ensure grain quality.
  • And much more! Discover all the features to optimize your agricultural operations.

And much more! Discover all the features to optimize your agricultural operations.

Discover our SigmaGrain Software: Your Comprehensive Guide

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Our SigmaGrain


At Sigmasys, we recognize the uniqueness of each agricultural operation. That's why we offer a variety of optional additional modules to personalize and adapt your SigmaGrain solution. These modules are designed to enhance the features of our dedicated agricultural management software.

Unattended Weighing Terminal

The SigmaTerm weighing terminal module is designed for operator-less weighing.

  • By adding this module to your weighing system, you can optimize operations during low traffic periods or outside normal operating hours.
  • The SigmaTerm terminal ensures fast and efficient processing of your weighing transactions, contributing to your operational performance.

  • Discover our SigmaTerm Module: Your Comprehensive Guide Download our informative SigmaTerm brochure now.

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