The best weighbridge management software solution

The Sigmascale weighbridge software solution is a tool that controls weighing operations from a computer. It is equipped with basic weighting functions as well as advanced functionalities. It allows for a rigorous control of inventories and production of detailed reports and tickets. The solution developed by Sigmasys is integrated with billing and customer account management.

Many functionalities are available for the transport management of materials

  • Entering customer orders (data entry)
  • Reminder of current transactions
  • Calculation of cumulative weights at several levels
  • Management of several scales
  • Transfer to the accounting system and other related systems
  • Print a variety of lists and reports that can also be viewed on the screen
  • Production of Ministry of Transportation forms
  • Automatic or semi-automatic weighing
  • And many other features.

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Sigmascale advantages for managing your operations

Our program is more than just a weighing scale or a weighing management software. It is a business intelligence solution that enables in-depth analysis of inventory movements.

Speed ​​and ease of use of the software

The software is easy to use despite its wide range of features. A user will be operational quickly with minimum training.

In addition, it allows rapid generation of weight tickets. Truckers’ waiting time is kept to a minimum.

Complete management of your transactions and inventories

Sigmascale is not just a weighing software, it is an all-in-one tool that puts weighing at the center of inventory management and material transit operations. Inventory movements are rigorously recorded, from the entry of materials to invoicing and customer accounts. The recording of transactions is automated and complete.

Elimination of errors

Automation of weighing operations will increase the profitability of your business. Eliminating human errors when entering data will save you money. Your operations will become more efficient!

Sigmascale adapts to your business structure

Compatible with multi-site companies

Software suitable for weighing systems without weighbridge operators

The Sigmasys solution is compatible with your equipment and infrastructure

We integrate our software solution into your existing processes and adapt it to your management processes.

Integration with your ERP software

Sigmascale offers powerful functionalities to automate the management of your customer accounts and the management of your inventories. You have access to your information in real-time so that communication is uninterrupted with your management programs.

Compatible with all types of truck scales

Our in-depth skills in software development, databases, networking and weighing equipment allow us to configure Sigmasys solutions for all types of scales. Sigmascale is also compatible with all types of weighing terminals.


SigmaScale is the optimal solution for your truck scales

SigmaScale is a management software specially designed for weighing and managing the transit of materials. It includes a set of powerful features that simplify your daily operations. You can thus follow all the inputs and outputs of materials from your sites.

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Cumulative at all levels (customer, product, carrier, etc.)
  • Automatic recall of data from the last transaction of a vehicle
  • Automatic tare recording and recall of vehicles
  • View of current transactions
  • Warning and/or blockage when a vehicle is overloaded
  • Operations dashboard (optional module in SigmaAccess)
  • PivotTable of Transactions and Inventory
  • Compatible with all scales

In addition, SigmaScale offers several operations analysis tools, a variety of lists and reports as well as various additional modules that make it the optimal solution for your needs!

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