SigmaLabel is a food labeling software designed specifically for product labeling. With our expertise in software, scales and networks, we offer you an IT management solution that is simple, efficient and fast and that helps you increase the productivity and profitability of your business.


Food labeling software        

Food packaging weighing solution

SigmaLabel is a high-performance weighing and labeling solution that is perfect for the food industry or any industry that requires a system to weigh and identify its products. It consists of an application that runs on a personal computer as well as an application that runs on one or more programmable weighing indicators (module SigmaTerm Label).

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All-in-one food labeling software

SigmaLabel’s solution allows for the simple and effective management of products and clients as well as information specific to the product-client relationship:

  • Product number
  • Price to print
  • Type of label to be used
  • etc.

It has been designed to minimize the time required to manage data and to optimize operations. Data entry and information management are carried out on a computer. Subsequently, this information is sent automatically to all weighing indicators, thereby making it immediately available for production.

In order to stay competitive in the food industry, manufacturing companies must leverage innovative technologies to optimize costs. Automatizing food packaging labeling and production tracking is a powerful way to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Improved agility, increased productivity and better quality management are just a few of the benefits that food and beverage manufacturers are experiencing thanks to the digital transformation of their labeling processes. Find out how your company can benefit from the implementation of a modern label management system.

Powerful food labeling features

SigmaLabel includes a set of powerful features that simplify your daily food scaling and labeling operations and allow you to track all your production.

Simple and easy-to-use operator interface

SigmaLabel is a user-friendly label printing solution for the food industry. Easy to learn, it allows any operator to become operational quickly.

Versatile label formatting

Our software is designed to print a range of different labels which can be used for packages, boxes or pallets. It is also commonly used to print labels for pre-packaged products.

Ingredients and nutritional information printing

Our labeling software is widely used to print a list of ingredients and nutritional information for packaging products.

Hardware compatibility

Our solution is compatible with all the scales used in the food packaging industry. Sigmalabel software communicates both with the weighing equipment and the computers used for inventory and production management. Whether you are using inkjet, laser or thermal printers, or any combination of these technologies, our solution provides seamless integration and uniformization of labeling.

The precise weighing results performed on each terminal are automatically transferred to the host computer and the labels are printed. It is thus possible to monitor the real-time production from the main computer.


Our solution is available in both English and French.

Production monitoring solution

ERP integration

Our solution is compatible with every ERP system that is used in the food and beverage industry. Data can be automatically entered when connected to the ERP, which reduces costly human errors caused by manual entry or mislabeling.

Inventory management reporting

SigmaLabel provides a variety of lists and reports to optimize product management and distribution. Production data is exportable in Excel and XML format.

Price flexibility

The software supports price variations, which means that you can adjust the price based on the conditions agreed with each customer. Labeling is therefore consistent with the pricing characteristics of each customer account.


Advantages of SigmaLabel

Reduced operating costs

The automatization of the labeling process ensures lowest return rates, lower scraps and improved customer satisfaction.

Increased productivity

Reducing manual tasks increases efficiency and creates a more reliable supply chain with better quality control.

Better transparency and communication

Standardization of the weighing and labeling process significantly reduces errors and allows for better inventory control and shipping management, especially if your manufacturing company operates on multiple sites.

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