SigmaTerm SS -Unattended Weighing Terminal for Road Construction and Infrastructure

The SigmaTerm SS weighing terminal is an add-on module specially designed for the field of road construction and infrastructure, allowing weighing without an operator. The integration of this module into your weighing system allows you to optimize your operations in your quarries, sand pits or asphalt plants, particularly during periods of low traffic or outside usual working hours.

Optimizing Your Operations with SigmaTerm SS :

Tailored to the needs of road construction and infrastructure, the terminal provides a user-friendly graphical interface that guides the driver through the weighing process. It asks simple questions and offers input through a touch screen or keyboard. A summary window allows the driver to review transaction information before finalizing. Fully configurable, the terminal offers different weighing scenarios for inbound and outbound transactions. Its installation is flexible, either directly at the weighbridge or in a nearby cabin.


of SigmaTerm SS

User-Friendly Interface:

Easy for all drivers to use.

Input Assistant:

The terminal guides the driver step by step during the weighing process.

Summary Window:

Allows the driver to review and correct information before finalization.


Complete adaptation to the specific needs of your operations.

Multiple Scenarios:

Different weighing scenarios available for inbound and outbound transactions.

Installation Flexibility:

Can be installed directly at the weighbridge or in a nearby cabin, on a standard computer with touch screen or standard display.


Can be used with a simple button to switch between French and English.

Intuitive Input:

Option to enter information via touch screen or with a keyboard and mouse. Instantaneous / Automated

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Customer testimonials

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Pier-Hugues Gravel - Strategic Director

We selected Sigmasys weighing solutions for our sorting center more than 20 years ago. We have always been very satisfied with the service and the ability to adapt to our demands, but above all to our growth. Today, whether it is our sorting center, our quarries, sand pits or asphalt plant, all our sites are interconnected by Sigmasys solutions.

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Émilie Fournier Rousseau - General Director

Ease, speed, precision are qualities to describe the weighing software, but also the excellent service from the people at Sigmasys. It is a reliable tool that we work with every day. It is easy to learn and use, we have gained speed in our operations and it is precise in the information it provides both to our customers and for our own needs.

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Pier-Hugues Gravel - Directeur Stratégique

Sigmasys is generally easy to use and has a very clear and simple layout. Data is almost always accurate and requires little downtime for updates. I have no problem finding the information I need. We’re growing our data and analytics practice, and Sigmasys is helping me answer business questions, while enabling our team to advance our capabilities.

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