SigmaTerm Lite - Unattended Weighing Terminal for Mining Operations

The SigmaTerm weighing terminal is an auxiliary module specifically designed for mining operations, allowing operator-free weighing. Integrating this module into your weighing system enhances your mining operations, especially during times of low traffic or outside of regular operating hours.

Optimize Your Mining Operations with SigmaTerm Lite

The operator-free terminal, tailored to meet the requirements of mining operations, guides the user through the weighing process with a user-friendly graphical interface. It asks straightforward questions and allows input via a touchscreen or keyboard. A summary window displays to allow the operator to verify the transaction details before validation. Fully customizable, the terminal offers different weighing scenarios, either for incoming ore transactions or outgoing ones. Its installation is flexible, whether directly at the scales or in a cabin near the operating sites.


The Benefits
of SigmaTerm Lite

Multi-Site and Multi-Company System:

Ideal for road construction and infrastructure companies managing multiple sites.

Integrated Construction Operations Management:

Daily tracking of construction projects and tasks, with customer, supplier, and subcontractor management in the construction field.

Automatic Reminders:

Notifications and alerts for effective site management.

Centralized Balance Management:

Control multiple balances from a single station.

Many more features tailored for the road construction and infrastructure industry!

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