SigmaScale Lite – Flexible Weighing Software for Mining Operations

SigmaScale Lite offers an ideal weighing solution for mining operations, customizable to your specific requirements. Whether it's a setup with an operator dedicated to weighing ores or in standalone mode for automated mining operations, it effectively meets the challenges and demands of the mining industry.

SigmaScale Lite:
Your Complete Solution for Weighing Management in Mining Operations!

Features tailored for mining operations:

  • Real-time tracking of extractions.
  • Cumulative calculations on various metrics related to extraction.
  • A wide range of reports and printable lists, specific to the mining industry, viewable on-screen.

Adaptable Installation Options:

  • The terminal can be installed directly on extraction machines, thus facilitating the work of on-site operators.
  • It can also be positioned in a nearby control station, equipped with either a touchscreen or a standard screen with a keyboard and mouse.

Efficiency and Control in Mines:

  • SigmaScale Lite ensures fast and efficient extraction procedures, providing mining companies with optimized management control.
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SigmaScale Lite
Operates in:



Bulk Transport

Bulk Transport

of SigmaScale Lite

  • Management of several scales: Supervise the operations of up to two scales from a single station.
  • Management of transport operations: Manage customers, projects, suppliers, sales orders and supplier orders
  • Cumulative easily accessible: Track cumulatives at all levels
  • Public weigh-ins: Offer a weighing service to surrounding businesses or passing drivers.

  • And many other features specially designed for the field of bulk transport

SigmaTerm Lite - Unattended Weighing Terminal

The SigmaTerm weighing terminal is a module designed for operator-free weighing. and by adding this module to your weighing system, you can optimize your operations during times of low traffic or outside of regular operating hours, the SigmaTerm terminal ensures fast and efficient processing of your weighing transactions, thus contributing to the performance of your operations.

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